Basic Philosophy

Reflecting on my basic philosophy and method I was be inspired by an old Zen Buddhist aphorism. (“No snow flake falls in an appropriate place”, in: Thimothy Miller, How to want what you have, Oakland, New Harbinger Publications). The aphorism puts into perspective that processes are not entirely controllable. But the interpretation of this aphorism that “everything happens for a reason” is perhaps a perception that people use to make sense of situations. This interpretation tends too much to predestination or that things just happen at random. A scientific basis is important for my method. With the notion that not everything is (yet) interpretable. Challenges and problems of organisations are addressed and solved as practical as possible aimed at the strategic goals of an organisation. In other words: snow flakes can form a beautiful snow landscape together, but also stick together in messy ways blocking roads and footpaths. The snow can be cleared in an efficient and effective manner. The snow flake has a clear structure. Cristal clear is my method.

George Bernard Shaw's citation expresses my involvement with the community. This means that I like work for initiatives, groups and organisations with social aims and goals.

No snow flake falls in an appropriate place

Timothy Miller

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can

George Bernard Shaw